Lighthouse received Green Zoom diploma

September 10, 2014 -Lighthouse office centre was certified under Green Zoom standard, a brand new Russian assessment method for buildings’ ecological efficiency. The project scored 50 points that meets the level of the Golden Certificate.

Green Zoom was developed in 2014 by Russian experts including developers, designers, architects and engineers. Green Zoom represents a version of the international standards LEED and BREEAM adapted to realities of the Russian market. Specifics of the Russian climate, availability and cost of implementation of respective technologies in design and development of projects were taken into account during its elaboration. Similarly to the western standards, Green Zoom assesses energy efficiency of buildings, levels of their emissions to atmosphere, water efficiency, indoor environment and accessibility by transport.

Lighthouse was commissioned in 2012 and in 2013 was certified with the “Pass” grade under the international standard BREEAM New Construction applied to newly constructed properties. During 2014 O1 Properties implemented a number of technologies that increased sustainability of the building, thus allowing the office center to pass certification under the standard BREEAM In-Use with the high score "Very Good".


  1. Sculptural composition “White City” by Georgy Frangulyan was unveiled near the White Square office centre 29 September 2014
  2. Dmitry Mints was rated in TOP-1000 Leading managers of Russia 17 September 2014 Download PDF
  3. Lighthouse received Green Zoom diploma 10 September 2014
  4. O1 Properties took part in PROESTATE 2014 Forum 10 September 2014 Download PDF